Frankie Beetlestone – Take Me Back To Sleep.

Frankie Beetlestone’s single ‘Take Me Back To Sleep’ provides a hell of a lot of excitement for the future. The Sheffield singer-songwriter has clearly worked incredibly hard on his sound before gifting it to the ears of the public, and the result is a wonderfully innovative and catchy tune.

‘Take Me Back To Sleep’ has several distinct phases through which it glides effortlessly. The track starts with a smooth-as-silk jazz vibe that has a dream-like quality that matches up perfectly with Beetlestone’s lyrics. 

The tranquillity doesn’t last forever though, and soon the track starts going up through the gears, gaining energy, noise and power and ending up in a more familiar indie style. Every instrument is played brilliantly and every instrument has its moment in the sun on this tune. 

Particular attention has to be paid to the winding, noodlingbass and the incredibly enjoyable solo pay-off at the end of the track, which before that point is refreshingly light on guitar. Frankie’s vocals are afforded plenty of time to shine as well, and he sounds fantastic throughout the track, particularly when reaching into his upper register.

It’s nigh-on impossible to find a bad word to say about ‘Take Me Back To Sleep’; it’s just so well crafted that you’d never know Frankie’s career has only just begun. We’ve clearly got a gifted musician on our hands here, and I for one am buzzing to see what else he can do.