Good Foxy – Into Tomorrow

A blend of 60’s Summer nostalgia and chilled out vibes see Lancashire’s Good Foxy soothing you with their warm tones. 

Into Tomorrow, which will be featured on Good Foxy’s upcoming album can be described as a combination of The Beatles and Tame Impala whose psychedelic aura can be felt even in stripped back moments here. 

The second verse really gets things going and gives Into Tomorrow the strength it needs to stand out as a solid rock tune with major credits going to the vocal and guitars harmonies by George Banks and Henry Crabtree. 

The warm acoustics, melting high notes from the guitar and groovy bass and drum rhythms would easily resonate with American audiences and a desire to rebirth the mid-60’s psychedelic scene. At first I thought the high notes from the lead guitar stood out too much and were a distraction from the vocals, but where is credit is due is the fact I can’t get the riff out of my head. 

It’s time to put on your best flower pattern shirt and kick back to sensually smooth rock and/or roll. I feel a bit greedy wishing the song was longer.