Healthy Junkies & MK Ultra : Kill The Hate

Healthy Junkies from the UK and MK Ultra from the USA collaborate and create “Kill The Hate (UK And The USA). Known as a track that will simply howl at the moon, the track will be the theme tune for their forthcoming European tour.

Both bands have their own distinctive fanbase and fuse an array of influences. Finding their feet in the music industry, both collectives ignite a spark in the metal/hard rock world and showcase that both genres are simply far from over. Just beginning with what seems like a vibrant future ahead, ‘Kill The Hate (UK And The USA)’ is for all the outcasts. 

Hard hitting and aggressive, this number refuses to be ignored. With attitude filled vocals, the punch-line is fuelled with pure passion. Both bands bring their own flavouring to the table in this tune. Holding a big fingers up to politics, mainly Brexit, the pure hatred glows throughout.

‘Brexit and wall of shame’ brings the message to it’s knees with honesty. Whereas it is mainly about politics, the track could be involved with society as well. Overall, I like how it lets off steam and is armed with opinions. Only thing that could be improved on is the way that the message is portrayed.

Being angry can definitely get your point across but it feels like it could have been portrayed better if it was slightly calmer and more mature. Nevertheless, the arrangement is fiery and will be a hit within the metal/hard rock world.