Ian Britt : ‘One Day I…’

Ian Britt’s re-release of his debut album ‘One Day I…’ is testament to how well it has lasted since its original release back in 2005. I’m not particularly well-versed in Folk Rock, but does that really matter if the album catches you on your first listen? 

For me, when I get pointed in the direction of a totally new artist (to me at least) in a genre I don’t tend to listen to all that much, there are times I find it very difficult to get started on a review. Where do you start? Fortunately, Britt’s album is immediately warming and welcoming to such an extent that I forget all of that. From the very get-go with ‘Waste Another Day’, Britt crafts delicate vocal melodies to instantly catchy and memorable folk backdrops, and from then on he leads you with ease among 11 songs that never fall flat.

Having done a bit of research into Ian and seeing that ‘One Day I…’ is very much an album born in the infancy of his career, it’s so impressive to hear not only where his subsequent releases have evolved from, but also to know that nearly 15 years ago this guy was writing albums of such calibre. 

Picking a favourite track of this LP is a tough question as well! ‘Free’ and ‘Life Ain’t Made’ both serve the opening of the album extremely well, but for me ‘Overtones’ is unparalleled on the release. Metallic chiming guitar tones and ambient strings create an atmosphere that is by no means unique to this song only, but here it is perhaps most evident. There is a delicacy to the way in which Britt has crafted this song, one that makes you feel as if the song is giving you an embrace. Closing the track with a string and guitar build up is a brilliant decision for this track in particular, and I can’t help but be reminded of Deaf Havana’s ‘Caro Padre’. You never know, they might’ve heard the album before they even wrote it haha!

All in all this is a thoroughly enjoyable album from Ian, and I for one am very happy for its re-release. If folk rock is your thing, if arms-wide-open come-in-for-a-cuppa vocals is your thing, and if flat-out G.O.O.D. albums are your thing, then get this in your ears.