International Review: Sam Stevens: The James Bond of the Music World”: “My Kind of Crazy” by Eileen Shapiro

“My Kind of Crazy”, the newest single sensation from romantic-pop recording artist Sam Stevens, is set to release this Friday April 20th on all Digital venues. Immersed in orgasmic passionate, romantic sensibility, unique to The James Bond of the Music World, the radio friendly, track is sure to change the lives of those who listen and understand it’s anthemic celebration. 

“Everyone has their own individual eclectic personality. Finding someone who you click with, someone who is “My Kind of Crazy” is in valuable. As you traveled through life you’ll find people who are rich, powerful, good looking, influential, etc….. but if you can find and surround yourself with those you think are “My Kind of Crazy”, then you’ll always be loved, have someone to love, laughter, and build memories, and share stuff with, and get the very best out of life”…. from the artist…

The song begins as a tender, haunting suggestion and then crescendos into a powerfully meaningful hook, and opulent chorus. The instrumentals are sexy and salacious. It is becoming a well-known fact in the music industry that the vocal ability of Sam Stevens is lush, and decadent anomaly,  providing the listener with great sensory pleasure, and delectable,  unchallengeable uniqueness, often compared to Bowie. Aside from that the song is addicting, thereby soliciting the audience to listen again and again…

Sam Stevens will be performing “My Kind of Crazy” as well as others on April 28th at the White Swan Limehouse  and on Monday April 30th at Mau Mau, both in London. 

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