Interview : Wilding

Here is our interview with RGM Podcast competition winners Wilding, you can listen back to the podcast HERE

G = George  P = Perry J = James D = Dan

Hi guys thanks for taking part in our little competition we did on the RGM Podcast, how did you find it?

Great fun! It was a true example of the tortoise and the hare in play as we fell behind early but were thrilled to come out on top in the end! Especially with such great competition – those were great tracks from Indea and Jennings Couch.

What drives you as a band?

Usually our bassist.

If you could go back to the very moment you learnt your instruments, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

G: I guess I wouldn’t change much… Might play around with the piano a bit more.

P: You can’t use a match stick as a guitar bridge so stop trying, and just buy a new one – it will save you a good six months of trying to work out if you’re actually any good.

J: I’ll let you know when I’ve learned mine.

Did you vote leave or remain, and why?

Wow, okay, it seems like such a long time ago now but we voted for Wes and Megan to leave Love Island because while they did look like they had fun together, we just didn’t believe it was true love which, come on, was the name of the game, people.

Whats the music scene in Swindon like?

I think underrated… Same old covers bands for the most part, but when you think of the demographic I think we get a pretty good return on cool, interesting bands. I guess kids form bands when they’re bored, maybe that’s it.  

If you could delete one band from the history of the Universe, who would it be & why?

G: Bastille… I hate that big song they do. There’s nothing interesting about it to me, to the point that the mundanity makes me want to bang my head. I guess I don’t think much of Ed Sheeran’s music, but comforted by the fact people will get bored of those same 4 chords soon and something more interesting must come shake it up

P: The Black Keys – just so I could do that formula first.

J: Not a band exactly, but I would sure be okay with never hearing Sean Paul on a track ever again.

D: Nickelback? (Thank the lord for Nickelblock). Or the Baha Men! I love dogs but I hate that song.

Right now, what’s pissing you off the most?

G: Having to think about all the bands I hate.

J: The weather not always being warm enough to wear shorts outside 24/7 365.

P: Ricky Gervais. He’s just not funny. He can come for me, I don’t care.

G: Okay, can I change my answer? Because the answer that Perry just gave is now what is pissing me off the most!

What’s the best biscuit?

J: I don’t know their proper name (do they even have one?!) but those old school pink wafer biscuits used to rule my life!After a quick Google search they seem to cost a small fortune now. Alas 🙁

G: I could go for a ginger nut right now… A shop near me used to do these white chocolate and cranberry cookies as well, they were pretty good.

P: Pizza.

(He’s serious).

Whats coming up for Wilding?

Lots of gigs of course but a video for the closing track on our EP Dirty Dream Balloon should be out in the world soon. And then Festival season always tends to throw up a few surprises as well but most importantly some new music on the horizon, hopefully in time for the summer so look out for that!

Wilding’s EP Soul Sucker is available on all platforms now!