Introducing – JOOLS : Hysterical Starving Naked

JOOLS introduce us with an impressive and riotous debut single. The Leicester-based punk-rockers serve up this debut offering with excess fire-power that encapsulates the thesis of the band’s sound.

Sending out their stance on socialism, the use of social media and their political values, ‘Hysterical Starving Naked’ demonstrates the true values of this band, and once you hear them, they’re impossible to forget. 

The snarly vocals of ‘Hystercial Starving Naked’ echo the fuzzy & aggressively distorted guitar work, delivered with venom in a fearless manner of commitment.

Keeping you on your toes from start to finish, the tempo changes and different rhythm arrangements jump in out of nowhere surrounded with a wall of sound, allowing the passionate chorus to shine through, it all adds up to pack one hell of a punch. Crunching, heavy-weight and emotion-filled performances from each band member live results in some of the most honest music you’ll have heard this year.