Introducing Kycker : All the tools a band needs to build a career in the music industry.

Following an official showcase launch at SXSW in Texas, a new vision of the modern music industry launches in the UK. Kycker. Kycker is a new online platform created for DIY artists to manage their careers and earn a sustainable income from their music.

It’s also totally free. Kycker is the only music platform available that gives artists free access to music publishing, digital distribution and industry mentorship in one place, and has been hailed as a revolutionary idea by industry professionals and artists alike. “A platform like Kycker is a long-awaited innovation for DIY artist development.

Providing the tools and knowledge they need, along with access to direct income streams, this kind of artist growth tool will prove to be a much-needed asset to any DIY artist.” – Joe Frankland, Senior Grants & Programmes Manager, PRS Foundation Using Kycker, artists can distribute their music (for free) to over 850 platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and more.

Artists are also able to claim performance royalties from all live shows and radio broadcasts from the PRS, with one simple click. Alongside these features, Kycker is home to a hub of video content hosted by notable music industry organisations (Such as BBC Introducing, PRS For Music, Musician’s Union) designed to provide insight into the nitty gritty areas of the music business.

These videos are catered to apply to artists of all levels, covering standard topics such as music publishing, branding and live events all the way up to grant funding and advanced music production.

“We love talent, and we want to see it thrive, so we made Kycker to give emerging artists the tools and knowledge they need to build their own DIY careers, all from one place.

We know how hard it can be to get your music career going, so we made our service free, and we don’t make a penny until you do.” – Autumn Palmer,

Artist Development Manager, Kycker

Kycker gives artists a clear route of progression, similar to ‘levelling up’ in a video game.

Upon sign up, artists are placed on a tier system, and then progress up the tiers by earning points by using the different features of the platform. As they progress, artists are given access to bigger and better live and synchronisation opportunities, afforded to Kycker artists by partners including Songkick, Hootsuite and Gigmit. Conceived and created by a music / tech start up from Sheffield, Kycker is finally launching in the UK on the 12th of March, following a showcase at the world’s biggest and best music showcase: SXSW, in Austin, Texas.

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