Jamie Ainslie – Recover

Hartlepool hard-rocker Jamie Ainslie swaps loud guitars for Manchester’s indie flare in his solo effort ‘Recover’.  

What starts off as a simple guitar intro, very reminiscent of Half The World Away, doesn’t lead me into an episode of The Royal Family, but a dramatic pop/indie tune with upbeat drumming and delightful piano notes.  

Once the drop of additional instruments hits, you’re treated to a head bobbing rhythm and delicate chorus that doesn’t stray too far from the existing verse style. Whilst the song in itself may seem simplistic, everything works nicely together. Each instrument does its job and doesn’t distract you from Jamie’s words.  

The production is clean and crisp with each note of the bass and touch of the drums picked out so easily, it’s the kind of song that is sewn together with professional needle and thread. The guitar is warm and resonates well throughout the song and Jamie’s voice falls nicely into place. If you’re into the resurgence of Manchester Brit-pop, I can’t see why you wouldn’t enjoy this.  

I had a listen to Jamie’s band Aces & Sinners to compare his musical direction which is a more stripped-back and pop-like sound, but one noticeable difference I’ve taken away is how Jamie has decided to change his singing style. As he is embodying his Manchester life, Jamie seems to have taken it upon himself to sound more like Liam Gallagher which I think is quite unnecessary.  

What I have to say about Recover is that it is a good first effort from Jamie and showcases his musical knowledge and craftmanship. He can write a good flow and rhythm which is all a good acoustic-based song desires, I just hope to see him drift away from becoming another Oasis-like artist as the market feels quite fluctuated at the moment. Hearing his other material, I know he has a variety to offer that I look forward to seeing more of.  

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