Jaya – This Year’s News

With her upcoming debut album ‘Fractured Disposition’ in the works, Jaya has given us a taste of what is to come with her latest single ‘This Year’s News’.

Whilst previous singles such as ‘Dreamer’ and ‘3 Wise Monkeys’ are upbeat folk style music, ‘This Year’s News’ takes a more sentimental approach to music.

The songs music is slow but every note is heavy with emotion behind it. The piano and light drums give this song the foundation it needs to be able to carry the powerful and passionate vocals of Jaya.

In other songs Jaya’s vocals have shown her talent, yet in ‘This Year’s News’ they really come to light. It makes the heartfelt lyrics actually mean something when you can hear and feel the passion in the vocals.

The vocals may be the main attraction, but they shouldn’t take away fully from the talent in the music. It is carefully arranged with a soft tempo but none of the instruments sound basic. For example, the drums you can hear the different types of percussion sound that produce layers to the beat.

This Year’s News’ offers a different look at the music Jaya can produce and make you wonder what else is hiding on her upcoming album.