Jennings Couch – Love Hearts

A modern twist on the classic stripped down indie heart break song, confirming we have now reached a point where it is acceptable to write about snapchat filters and emojis in a song about your ex. Love Heart’s tells the story of a relationship breaking down, masking their lies to each other behind the emojis they send, making this really a Stephen Fretwell hit given a millennial facelift. 

Forgetting about the content of the lyrics, Jennings Couch do seem to have stumbled across their own little sound with this track. I’m not quite sure if this is a pop song, an indie tune, or something in between.


At the get go you feel this song is going to be something similar to last year’s superstar George Ezra, but the sound seems to get heavier and heavier as the song develops. 

The one criticism of this track is that it feels like it is pushing too hard to be something it isn’t really at heart. The best parts are the most stripped back sections, and it works well as an acoustic piece. The more instrumentals that come into it, and more effects on the vocals, it becomes messier, and takes focus away from the some clever lyrics and the gritty vocals that match the them so well.

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