Joe Astley – Revolution Postponed

It looks like someone has been listening to Dylan and Joel, but I’d rather we see upcoming artists taking influence from some of rock ‘n roll’s greatest performers than another Oasis wannabee. 

Joe Astley never lets up as he presents to us his politically motivated acoustic track ‘Revolution Postponed’ which no doubt resonates the same agenda as his influences 40+ years ago. 

The Wigan multi-instrumentalist, has recently caught the attention of the BBC in the North-West with his debut single and it’s a track that doesn’t let up from start to finish and its constant flow of verses feels fresh.

A nostalgic blend of acoustic guitar, harmonica and confident voice are sometimes are all you need and with a fierce agenda behind the track, it’s a great modern revolution anthem. 

The title track rings out from Astley’s key change and sticks in my mind instantly and the constant rhythm of chords keeps my head bobbing. 

It’s hard to say what stands out most in this track, but Astley’s voice travels so nicely along the guitar work and has my full attention. A voice that stands out differently to everything else I’ve heard from the North-West recently which had my interest.

I’m a sucker for a harmonica as well and it just fits so nicely to cut up the verses and really makes me think of some of Dylan’s strongest and most outstanding moments in the 60’s.

In our current political and social climate, we need charged acoustic acts like Joe breaking through and letting the general populous hear his words. I hope to see more of the same.