Kosmonauts – Falling Apart

With a grooving drumbeat and echoing guitars that feel as though theyll disperse into distortion at any moment, the music fits the theme very well with KOSMONAUTS single Falling Apart.

The drum beat using a large amount of cymbal crashes whilst simultaneously lowering the  more heavy beats of the drums really gives a lot of attitude to an already dreamlike song.


Combined with guitars that stay in this middle ground of sounding corporeal and  distorted and it gives a floaty feel to the track overall. The added effects of echoing and lowering and rising volume on the guitar make for something that sounds as though the song is being projected through water at some times, an unusual effect to pull off but one that really works.

The fact that its also coupled with the tracks themes of alcoholism and how it destroys relationships really adds a sense of melancholy to the song when you begin to listen more closely to the song. This depth to the track really begins to give a little more upon repeated listens.

One of the first lines really sets the tone for the song, Every time you have a drink, the truth comes pouring out. Its this coupling of clever lyrical content and smooth musical effects that sets Falling Apart aside from a lot of similar indie tracks that use more generic lyrics.