KTEE – Melody

Austrian singer KTEE’s latest single ‘Melody’ is a cleverly-crafted and catchy pop number that wouldn’t be out of place on anybody’s radio. Energetic and fun; ‘Melody’ is sure to put you in the mood for dancing.

The instrumental of ‘Melody’ is perfectly poised to allow the strength of KTEE’s voice to shine, and shine it does. The backing itself is led by some nice intricate guitar riffs, supported in the chorus with a tidy set of synth notes. A lot of pop instrumentals stray into becoming overbearing, but the tone is spot on with ‘Melody’.


The lyrics of ‘Melody’ tell a three-minute love story pretty much entirely using musical references. On first listen it comes across as ever so slightly too cheesy; but after a couple more spins you realise it’s actually very intelligently written. Not only that, it’s incredibly catchy too, and not even just in the chorus. It won’t take much for you to know every word.

All in all, ‘Melody’ is a very impressive tune from KTEE. She’s clearly got a natural talent for producing some really electric and well-balanced pop; so long may that continue.

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