LearningToDive – Falling Leaves

Bravo Bonez aka LearningToDive releases the exciting new singleFalling Leaves‘. Released at the beginning of December, the post-punk infused number features a charming production fuelled with cinematic orchestration elements. Bravo’s second single to date, and forthcoming EP, is a response to the frustration of following the usual path of mammon and social acceptance.

Written before the Pandemic, the song feels like it’s taken on a different perspective now, speaking to listeners about mortality and deeper meanings. I’ll let you decide which path.

Resulting as an upcoming EP, the forthcoming release was co-produced by renowned producer Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers, Mel C) and Bravo, the EP was further mixed at Modern World Studios in the UK by award-winning producer and written Clint Murphy (50Cent, Devilskin, Kimbra). As Bravo is based in Wellington in New Zealand, you could say this music has been around the world and back again.

A dark single that has alternative rock undertones, it’s pulsating rhythm gives the track a subtle stroke of industrial to it’s core, and could easily speak to fans of Nine Inch Nails.