Lio – Burn

Hailing from a small village in the Netherlands but now living in Sheffield, LIO is simply described as a breath of fresh air. Rooted in the bones of Lio’s songwriting lies an uncomfortable struggle of understanding your own mind. Taking a personal approach to music is always exceptional and helps us, as the audience, understand what the artist is going through.

A lot of the time, we really can relate to the song too, unless it’s about a serial killer then well, who’s going to relate to that?! Back with her third single, due for release 26th April, you guys are sure in for a treat. Filled with fiery anger and a whirlwind of emotions, the track will leave you wanting more.

An ambient take on alternative pop, the track takes us through an experimental world. Angelic production, you can hear everything prominently and it highlights a fascinating chord progression. Dynamically, the track builds to an epic finale but getting there, it’s layered with honest vocals, forceful but groove based drums, and a thick layer of effects on the guitars.

There’s a somewhat hidden message in the track that I just can’t put my finger on, Lio has stunned fans before with mystery being a main part of her songs. Saying that, it’s been said that the track is about an end of a friendship and the struggles that leads after that. Check out Lio’s other two singles in her catalogue for an honest perspective of a young songwriter’s lifestyle, you will be blown away.