Live Review : Liam Gallagher Live at Leeds Arena

His first debut album without older brother and rival, Noel Gallagher, who himself has been on the solo scene for a while now, preceded this tour which would make or break the solo career for Mr Liam Gallagher, or R-Kid as he is also known to his Manchester friends.

Having done two albums with band ‘Beady-Eye’ which had done well and which I am a fan of myself, Liam is giving himself experience outside of the Oasis phenomenon.

If you’re an avid gig-goer like myself, you look at past set-lists before going, to see what you are to expect and to gear yourself up. Looking at the setlist, I was disappointed not to see Oasis tune ‘Supersonic’ on the past set-lists, though I thought ‘Live Forever’ would “definitely-maybe” make up for it.
Screams, shouts and chants filled Leeds First Direct Arena as anticipation for the front-man himself escalated. With a blast, ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’ came out as the first song of the night, perhaps at the same time as we were all feeling like rock n roll stars ourselves.

Another Oasis number as well as an album name, ‘Morning Glory’ was next, meeting the music-mad fans with a similar expression.
The crowd randomly chanted “Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire!” as being in Leeds, much to Gallagher’s amusement, though being from Lancashire himself.

The third song was the first of his solo work, ‘Greedy Soul’ seemed to be one of the well-known ones from ‘As You Were’ and still had the fans going. After this was the first single off his album, ‘Wall of Glass’ which was obvious to be the most known out of the album, with every word being sang along.
Three songs later and the third single off the album, ballad ‘For What It’s Worth’ got the audience to slightly keep still, swaying along to the emotional anthem.

Another song gone, Liam was back in his roots with Oasis’ ‘Some Might Say’ and then ‘Slide Away’ which was met by screams of madness. It may be fair to say that ‘LG’ as he likes to address himself, felt more comfortable singing the Oasis songs rather than his solo work, hmm….why don’t we have a reunion then?

‘Come Back To Me’ and ‘You Better Run’ were one of the last of the songs he performed from ‘As You Were’ and were also fast and energetic, signifying that the night wasn’t yet over.
After this, I couldn’t believe my very ears and eyes, when Liam said “here’s Supersonic”. I felt like I had won the lottery and was living in a dream.

Of course it was the encore now, where the artist pretends to be finished with the show and goes off, and the crowd chanting as they know how this part works. It was only ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’ next, no biggie, just one of the most popular Oasis songs of all time, this was topped, if possible by an anthem which defined a generation, ‘Live Forever’.

When R.Kid greeted us goodbye this time, we were sure that it really was the last. Even I started to walk out, accepting that it was over, when suddenly, that orange parka appeared yet again.

“Got you there didn’t I” Mr. Liam Gallagher voiced. Yeah, he really did! What could be possible be singing now though, I wondered? Naturally, the chords of the one and only ‘Wonderwall’ began and we all knew just what was about to happen.

It was a dream come true and a night I will never forget, as well as being a week before my 20th birthday. I hope to see Liam reunited with Noel in the near future, despite his solo stuff being great.

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