Live Review : Sheafs @ The Harley, Sheffield for This Feeling

Grabbing the stage with fists full of fury, Indie punks SHEAFS shattered the Harley foundations and proved that they’re a live force to be reckoned with.

Sheffield natives SHEAFS arrived in Sheffield to play This Feeling at the Harley, and with their punk infused indie mayhem they set the record straight on why they’re one of the most exciting and emotive live bands of the current iteration of Sheffield bands.

They were genuinely captivating, genuinely engaging, genuinely good. None of this hands-in-pockets edgy fringe nonsense, they grabbed the audience by the throat and entertained. The high-octane music was only half of the show, as front man Lawrence showcased his volatile charisma and showmanship.

Chris Goodacre and Charles Mellor did nothing short but command the sonic energies in the place, sending ripples and waves through the audience with their chunky and boisterous guitar playing.

Not only were the bands interactions with the crowd thoughtful and genuine, the bands chemistry among each other was touching, clearly a band who are best of friends, hoping to take the world and crush it in their raw hands.

Shock Machine’, having recently written about it, was a highlight, a truly stunning rendition of a truly stunning tune.

You could tell the audience had the lyrics on the tips of their tongue, and it won’t take long for SHEAFS to be commanding a much larger stage, to a much larger audience, all of whom will be singing along, reciting every word in unison with Lawrence. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, don’t miss this band live!

Photo Credit – Model D Photgraphy