Lower Loveday – I’d Do Anything

Lower Loveday are a band that create infectious indie pop music and their latest single ‘I’d Do Anything’ is as infectious as it gets. It is fast paced and has a beat that is impossible not to move to. It is a great way to follow up their other singles ‘Chains’ and ‘The Fire That Burns Inside’.

You can tell immediately that Lower Loveday are not just a run of the mill indie band and they are very skilled in music production as the echo synth bounces about the headphones. Then the simple drumbeat hits the right tempo to get you tapping away. By the time, the chorus is in full flow the song is lit up by fast pace synth and melodic riffs.

The songs lyrics reflect on failed past relationships and wondering what went wrong. Whilst this sounds like it could be a depressing song, it is far from it as the music is upbeat and will have you dancing, and no one can be sad while they are dancing.

‘I’d Do Anything’ proves that Lower Loveday are a band that are on the rise. This single along with their previous releases show that they are committed to making great music and have the passion to put their emotions into their craft in order to make music that will resonate with their listeners.