Lucid Dreams – Is She The One?

In today’s ‘indie’ scene, it’s getting increasingly hard to break through the layer of genericism. It’s created a scene in which, upon hearing a band branded with the term ‘indie,’ you pretty much know what to expect. 

It’s this that makes it so refreshing to hear the work of a band with an evident variety of influences, adding an uncommon sense of ingenuity to their sound. I am, of course, talking about the debut single from Sheffield band Lucid DreamsIs She The One?

The song is a real mashup of many styles of guitar music, giving off vibes of that ‘skater rock’ sound of the early 2000s, combined with the fresh and fashionable dynamics of a 2019 indie classic. I dare to say that the rhythmic pattern of the vocals, especially in the chorus, carry with them a serious hip-hop feel. It really does stand out from the scene.

The solidity and discipline of the musicianship pays off; the band don’t need to play with fire in the form of crazy licks and insane drum-fills to show that they’re capable of getting feet tapping. 

The dynamic flow of the song certainly keeps hold of you, although at times I feel as though it could be more concise. This is not to say, however, that the song drags, as the constant variation makes for very ‘turned on’ listening. I love the focus on the bass guitar, with the texture thinning back to allow its riff to take centre stage at times. It’s clever, and gives the tune a very fresh feel.

All in all, Lucid Dreams have definitely set an impression with this, their debut single. It shows very clearly the band’s creative originality, and comfort in creating something outside of what may be considered a ‘safe bet’ in indie music. I look forward to hearing where the band go with this, and expect to hear the unexpected upon their next release.