Manchester’s Suave Martyrs Premiere New Single Tell Me What You Wanna

Since completing their line-up in the early stages of 2019, Suave Martyrs have gone from strength to strength, quickly building their reputation as one of Manchester’s most exciting prospects. And though much of the musical offerings on offer in the city these days seem to be rehashed and recycled, Suave Martyrs are breathing new life into blackened lungs.

Blending elements of ‘60s West Coast rock, Madchester era indie and psychedelia, the five-piece manage to embody all that makes Manchester what it is, while avoid the pitfalls of swaggering Gallagher-esque clichés.

The band’s latest single ‘Tell Me What You Wanna’ is something of a departure for Suave Martyrs, if not in style, then approach. “The tune came about during lockdown. Biscuit came up with the initial idea and we all came up with our parts separately” the band explain “then we came together with a producer to create the track like that. It was very different to how we normally work”. It also marks the first track that singer Brad Miller has written for the band.

“‘This one’s special to me as it’s the first song I’ve wrote for ‘Suave Martyrs’. The lyrics reflect an argument between two people, maybe lovers, maybe friends who knows you guys tell me…what you wanna!’”