Marc Bird – Deep End

There is a lot of music out there these days and a lot of it is starting to sound the same. From indie lads singing about their birds, autotuned pop divas and rappers rapping about how rich they are. Marc Bird’s music on the other hand, is unique and definitely isn’t something you will have heard before.

His latest single ‘Deep End’ is relatively basic compared to previous singles such as ‘Mercury’. Gone are the samples and in comes a much rawer sound whilst still being very minimalist.

It’s Marc’s ability to create music with so much depth yet it still be very minimalistic that sets him apart from other musicians.

The song is very water-based and the music reflects that. The bass echoes as if it was dropped into the water and there is a drum that mimic the rhythm of waves. Marc Bird’s signature faded vocals work here too as it gives the feel that he is sing from underwater.

To a lot of people ‘Deep End’ won’t be the first song on their playlist, and you won’t hear it on mainstream radio. Yet it is a song that shows the talent to create a unique sound with very little going on.