Matthew Donovan ft Julie Hicklin – Seance

A track almost 2 decades old, Matthew Donovan and Julie Hicklin team up for personal alt-folk track ‘Seance’. Stating that the track was gathering dust from never being finished, hearing it fully produced and recorded is exceptional and the best present you could ask for. Originally recorded at Redroom Productions Studios in London with producer Patrick McMahon, Matthew ended up taking the original recordings and finishing the production. Ending up with an exceptional take on everlasting love, ‘Seance’ is an excellent collaboration.

Seeking love from the opposite site, ‘Seance’ tells the story of reaching out to desire and hoping something will come back. A track that details believing in, ‘Seance’ has a spiritual nature that flows with an ethereal feel to it’s core. With it’s spiritual nature, it’ll come at no surprise that the song resonates with a yearning feeling of loss. Connecting parts of the puzzle with pieces of cinematic stylings, the orchestral elements within the track gives the song a sentimental feeling of longing. 

‘Seance’ is illustrated with mesmerising guitar lines, exquisite piano sweeps and warm vocals making it a track that should have been in our lives many years ago. Better late than never, right?