Matty Long and the LoveGuns – Sunshine Love

Back with their second single of the year, Matty Long and the LoveGuns may only have a couple of years under their belt as an outfit, but their distinctive indie sound is making heads turn. ‘Sunshine Love’ is their fourth release to date, and embarks on a journey of indie rock fused with the careless nature of psychedelia. 

Ready to hit the beach with it’s retro aura, this heated number is clearly showing a band still at the beginning of their career but quickly becoming a promising asset to the UK’s growing music scene. 

Turning up the feel-good vibes during a time of need, ‘Summer Love’ comes at a time where we’re all longing for a sense of freedom. Matty Long and the LoveGuns generate a soundscape of independence within the heated number. 

It’s hard to pin-point at times what’s what as the arrangement is quite experimental yet chaotic. In regards to that though, ‘Sunshine Love’ gleams with optimism.

At times the track feels like it inherits the sound of the 90s, 70s and noughties all at once. Radiating with positivity throughout, the production is ambitious and directly in your face. 

Sunshine Love’ is the track to stick on in good times. Even when you’re feeling low, it has the power to change that instantly too.