Meet your film heroes at Comic con, Manchester, Steve Guttenberg, the cast of Gremlins and many more!

Comic Con Manchester June 1-2

June 1-2 Bowlers Exhibition Centre

The team behind The Love of Sci Fi are launching their first Comic Con in Manchester this year but in usual Monopoly Event Style they are giving it a bit of pop culture twist.

The event will be a mash up of the two greatest TV and film decades of all time, the 80s and 90s! A lot of the events that we do are inspired by my memories of growing up as a child and this one is certainly no exception. As an 80s and 90s kids I’m beyond excited about some of the incredible reunions the team have put together, and some of the amazing set and prop recreations many of them fan made which has always been Monopoly’s ethos made by fans for the fans and they alway let fans get involved with the shows on a huge scale.

First on my photo hit list has to be the UK exclusive of Jason Patric who played Michael Emerson in the cult 80s movie The Lost Boys. Step aside Mr Patterson in Twilight, as my teen years were all about this hunky horror! 

Next on my autograph list has to be the Police Academy Official Reunion. It’s another exclusive being Steve Guttenberg’s first ever appearance in Europe! Steve was known in police academy for portraying Carey Mahoney, known for being a troublemaker, womanizer but with a heart of gold. He is also known for his roles in Cocoon, Short Circuit, and Three Men and a Baby. Joining Steve will be Michael Winslow who played Larvell Jones famous for making sound effects with his voice. Marion Ramsey who played Hooks will also be joining the reunion, the diminutive, soft-spoken and unassertive woman with a very high-pitched voice, who often has trouble putting people in line until pushed…..And finally probably the sexiest cop of the decade Leslie Easterbrook.  As well as a joint photoshoot with all 4 they will be celebrating the long awaited reunion with a panel and fan questions.

Another huge 80s reunion will be the main cast of Gremlins. Zach Galligan who played the lead role will appear alongside his mother in the film Lynn Peltzer (Frances Lee McCain) and Judge Reinhold who was famous for a string of huge 80s films including Beverly Hills Cop alongside Eddie Murphy.

The not only have the guests, but also Gizmo and the Gremlins puppets! Also in attendance will be Mark Dodson who voiced the Gremlins, and an animatronic Gizmo who will sit at Zach’s table. How cool is that! You can meet Billy Peltzer with Gizmo who sings and says all the phrases from the film! The group photo shoot will also take part in the kitchen scene from the film with the Gremlin in the food processor.

One that my brother is massively jealous about is they even have Baywatch babes in a triple photo shoot. Angelica Bridges, Brande Roderick, and Erika Eleniak (also star of 80s blockbuster E.T). Where as I’m all about getting my picture taken with Newton Crosbie and Johnny 5! 

There is also usual the round of Bowlers events fun with cocktails in the recreated Cantina bar as well as set builds that include The Gremilns kitchen, Simpson’s couch, Dr Who’s Tardis, KITT, The Back to the Future Delorian and the reliant from Only Fools and Horses. Plus an entire arena dedicated to 80s and 90s gaming and enough traders to make my bank terrified.

So grab your Cosplay, I think I’m going with Super Mario, and don’t forget to get tickets for Top Of The Pops Afterparty where DJ Shaun Lever will be playing the best in 80s and 90s classic anthems in the Star Warts Cantina. Kicking off at 6pm and going on until the early hours, there is a limited capacity and on previous events this has always sold out so get your tickets now.

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