Miles Kane – Can You See Me Now?

The mighty man from Merseyside Miles Kane has dropped a surprise new single roughly a year since the release of the largely well-received ‘Coup De Grace’

That album had been a long time coming and whilst not every idea came off, a lot of it was tons of fun. You could definitely tell the difference between the tracks that were Kane’s babies and those with more influence from producer Jamie T.

This new one, ‘Can You See Me Now?’, falls into the former category. This is like the dictionary definition of Miles Kane; unashamed ballsy swagger.

It’s got a pretty simple but effective riff that threads all the way through the track, which gets your foot tapping like a metronome. Kane excels at this pure-blooded rock and roll thing, and while some might say it’s a little dad-ish, you can deny that it’s cracking fun.

‘Can You See Me Now?’ is far more than meat and two veg though. Lyrics haven’t always been Kane’s strongest asset, but his snarling shots at an ex-lover who’s moved on to a boring new fella are witty and good-humoured.

It’s always enjoyable when the words match up to the track’s vibe, and this is the perfect example. Kane is cock of the walk and he’s determined to make sure we all know it.

The female backing vocal stabs littered throughout the track are another important touch and serve to take the edge off the male bravado. We’ll let Kane have his self-indulgent guitar solo though, he deserves it. 

‘Can You See Me Now?’ is another in the long line of Miles Kane tracks tailor-made to have a boogie to. It’ll probably only be a standalone single and not the sign of anything fresh in the pipeline just yet, but we’re all happy to have a little nugget of good music tossed our way.