Mirelli – My Mind

Barnsley based artist Mirelli’s blending of hip-hop and trap provides laid-back beats with a dashing of early 2000’s nostalgia and a familiarity to the direction hip-hop has seen itself venture into in recent years.

When the track begins you are welcomed to a delightful blend of ambient guitar riffs which overlap each other setting a calming vibe. That mood is short lived before the chunky electronic beats come crashing in and fill out the song. The track continues a style of rap that has an almost pop touch to it and with the mixture of trap beats I can hear nods to rappers like Chris Brown and Post Malone.

It’s a catchy track and is guaranteed to be when the introduction is almost a minute long featuring the chorus line ‘do these things to my mind’ five times. When entering the verse the instrumentation takes a step back and Mirelli’s voice pushes through with his deep vocals and emotional lyrical themes playing off nicely from the soft picking guitars.

Where ‘My Mind’ hits a brick wall for me is the second verse where the vocals are littered with auto tune. I can understand that trap songs tend to have a lot of artist collaborations (With this tune featuring ‘Jacky B’) and there will be different vocal styles, but the smooth familiarity I have with the first verse is completely altered to this annoying vocal edit and we never see a return to the previous style.

The second verse descends into the chorus and simply fades out which leaves the track feeling a bit lacklustre and leads me to believe that it could have been so much better. I thought rap was about words, but for a song clocking in at nearly four and a half minutes I feel like I’ve not been given much besides a chill groove and two short verses.

There is certainly potential here with the rhythm section having the right intentions but I really would like to see Mirelli providing me with more content from his lyrical side of things.