Mutant-Thoughts – Unwanted Song

If aliens came to Earth tomorrow, there’s a good chance they’d be bumping something very close to Unwanted Song through their radio.

There’s a bizarre sound that feels like it was penned by a madman in a padded room with Unwanted Song, just because of its chaotic sound that’s like nothing ever heard before. Immediately hitting with drums that have a chaotic but sensible rhythm to them, never sounding like it’s a chimp behind the drum kit that’s smashing wildly at them, but never giving any chance to get a good feel of the exact beat either. 

The true madness of Unwanted Song comes from its mind warping use of electro sounds coupled with a funky bass. There’s a very space rock feel to these sounds, breaking out the bastard child of a theremin and a keyboard and using it to conduct a rock opera. 

There’s nothing that’s quite comparable to Mutant-Thoughts style on this track, which may be off-putting for some, given how there’s no real sound or genre to anchor it to. On subsequent listens though, there’s a clear and discernible feel to each individual sound that can be traced to some other inspiration. There’s the obvious connection to be made between the songs main hook and the classic 50’s alien paranoia, a funky bass lick from a latin bar, and a prog rock inspired drumbeat with it’s unusual timings. 

Mutant-Thoughts live up to their name and then some with Unwanted Song, making something that’s a brilliant Frankenstein of different genres. 

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