Our Apology to Northern Exposure

We want to make public our apology to Northern Exposure.

We brought out a post recently that intended to investigate potential pitfalls that bands could fall into in their journey through the music industry.

All we wanted to achieve was to start a debate over promo packages offered to bands and highlight different packages available to bands and discuss the value of these.

On reflection we acknowledge that the post came across badly and the perception could look like an attack on Northern Exposure. This wasn’t our intention.

We know that Northern Exposure do excellent work supporting new bands.

We are a new magazine and always pledge to be the best we can be. We feel that we didn’t do an appropriate job in our investigation and pledge to learn from our mistake. Out of respect we have removed the content from our sites.

We are sorry to everyone at Northern Exposure and wish Rachel and the team all the best for the future and hope we can work together at some point.

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