PAGES : Bubble Brain

You don’t want to turn over the page just yet, PAGES. are just getting started. PAGES. aka an indie-pop band hailing from the North-East of Scotland are back with their fresh sound “Bubble Brain”. Drawing influence from indie pop-rock gods such as The Killers and 1975, PAGES are bringing their own originality to the table and have already received wide recognition for their work yet.

With support slots for The Lafontaines, Dancing On Tables and Llovers, it’s about time fresh new bands are supporting this uplifting group. With a star-studded production team, Bubble Brain has been mixed and mastered by U.S producer Rob Murray (Mark Ronson, Britney Spears, Major Lazer). 

Fusing many sounds to create a diverse take on electronic indie rock, Bubble Brain features vocal melodies that will simply bury itself into your head. “You’re on my mind” rolls off the tongue with great ease and grooves its way onto the dance floor. As it’s the quartet’s second single, this completely exceeds our expectations.

Fulfilling a high indie pop level of entertainment, there’s nothing that comes to mind on what to improve on. Arranged so we can hear each instrument at it’s peak, the glistening production showcases the band are here for the long run, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Set to brighten up your day, you’ll be sticking Bubble Brain on repeat with it’s pure confident radiating nature.