Polybius – Who Watches The Watchmen?

Liverpool’s Polybius bring forth an army of sound and sound ten feet tall with their latest track ‘Who Watches The Watchmen’

Polybius mixes together a variety of hard rock and alternate metal styles with an explosive first half of fat guitar riffs and thunderous bass guitar. The drums are mixed so tastefully and you can feel every pound of that snare as if it is going to give way at any moment.  

The vocals had to be the part of Who Watched The Watchman that stood out to be as Polybius have a style that I don’t hear too often in any genre of music. The vocals sound gritty and sinister in the verse and rise up in the chorus. I can only describe as much as I can descriptively, but the accent pushing through is very unique.  

I love it when a track catches me off-guard and Who Watches The Watchmen does just that as it transitions into its bridge and outro. The music basically stops and we are treated to an onslaught of Tool-esc alternative metal which for those who are fans of the band, can only but be delighted by three albums worth of material being fitted into three minutes.  

We’re treated to crunching rhythms and sonically soaring solo work which descends into a chorus of vocals screaming out the track’s title, making everything sound larger than life. The hammer-on guitar riffs and fast-paced drums that lead the song out build up plenty of adrenaline and instantly take it away. How cruel.  

If you’re a fan of fat chords, fast-paced riffs, solid bass guitar work and drums that are tight and creative then do I have a song for you. Whilst the Tool similarities are incredibly noticeable, they structure the song well and present to us plenty of variety. After Tool’s disappointing effort last year, maybe they should be taking a page out of Polybius’ book.