Prang – Haunting

Dan Johnson, otherwise known as Prang brings a lot of life to his new single Haunting.

The London-based solo artist sees his first single from upcoming album, The Idea Of An Ever-Shrinking Life, shine with upbeat rhythms and vibrant lead notes.

The jangly guitars and harmonised vocals are reminiscent of a classic Foals track and is quality indie floor-filler.

From the gentle piano notes to the funk bass and drums, you know this is a track that’s going to explode with sound. The track captures the essence of funk, pop, R&B and indie all in one. On top of that Johnson is the heart and soul of the record with the entire instrumentation performed by him.

A slick guitar solo with warm sounds roars through the bridge as the rhythms keep bouncing, and as the track comes to a close I’m left wanting so much more and can’t wait to hear the full album.

It’s a track that balances bursts of loud chord-heavy guitars and smooth drum and bass verses. It has all the makings of a recognisable and memorable indie-rock track. The production is also quality and it’s a song that needs to be played loud and on repeat.