Priestgate – Now

East Yorkshire alt-rockers Priestgate return with their new single Now. A really distinctive sound, drenched in ‘80s vibes at its core, it feels like they have well and truly located their sound with this latest offering. Hailing from Driffield, these guys had come to our attention with their previous experimental release Wouldn’t Lie, but this new track is unquestionably more in your face, and instantly more memorable.

What really carries this tune along are the almost glittering key tones which appear and reappear from the intro all the way through the song, without which it would be in danger of perhaps being a little too dark. The combination they have managed to create feels like such a cauldron of noise that it could have easily just become messy, but they have found such a fine balance between its many elements that it works brilliantly.

As previously mentioned, this definitely has a different feel to their last track. Moving away from their previously more experimental sound, it has the feel of a band who have discovered what their best sound is now, that being a moodier, almost dark rock sound, and have honed in on it without flinching.

At the heart of this song is a real moody indie atmosphere, reminiscent of the likes Joy Division or Joy Division, or the more contemporary White Lies.  The droning monotone vocals are splendid, and when focused on actually make you feel a little uneasy, but work so magnificently at the same time. Paired with the much more frivolous instrumentals, they have created a real juxtaposition of sound that both contradict but complement each other to perfection.

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