Psychic Lemon – Live at the Smokehouse

The best way to describe Psychic Lemon would be ‘in your face space rock’. Taking into consideration many hidden genres including psych and shoegaze, if drugs had a sound, it would be Psychic Lemon. With two previous studio albums under their sleeves, we’re hearing the band in a different limelight in the new live album ‘Live at the Smokehouse’.

‘Interstellar Fuzz Star’ fights against a wall of noise for it’s 10-minute epic. Saying that, there’s hidden gems underneath the mix to create this improvised journey of goodness. At times you may think the song is coming to a close, until there’s another section of complete madness. There’s something strange about ‘Satori Disko’. It sounds like cowboys having a battle in the desert with aliens who have just invaded earth. Mad psychedelia at it’s finest, and a strong contender on the album so far. It’s easy to listen too but at the same time, holds a connection to a complex arrangement. 

‘Hey Droog’ feels slightly more grunge based and would fit perfectly in the late 80’s, early 90’s movement. It’s the kind of song that you’d hear at an underground gig for independent artists nowadays. Another song that will get your feet tapping along too. ‘Jonny Marvel at the Milky Way‘ just happens to be the longest track on the mini-album. It features a simple melody that takes us straight until the end. The atmospheric guitar effects make the song feel like it has so much more momentum. Without it, I feel the song may be slightly lost.

The last track is the powerful ‘White Light’. Keeping the empowering momentum strong with this one, there’s no escaping the sound, and why would you want too? Just have to say as well, the production for this live album is simply mind-blowing. People try to generate the sound that Psychic Lemon have in studio recordings and don’t get anywhere near close to how this band do. It can take years to get a production sound you’re proud of, and I’m sure the band are definitely proud with this strong sound. After a while, the aggressive drone of the music gets very repetitive but this release feels like it’s a perfect length of hard-hitting adrenaline.