Punk Couture : Scene City

Scene City

Shots fly round corners of a darkening city,
Bees and pollen working overtime,
Underage kids sweat hard for their money,
They’re one step over the heathen line,
Jackie operates on the backstreets honey,
There’s too much sin under her hood,
She can take you to a girl who knows how to party,
At a place where your age you don’t need to prove,
Everywhere you go there’s a monkey on your tail,
Fake tan stares with an attitude hand,
Pretend you’re involved with every passing story,
Posing is more important than being there,
Pockets are stained by the cigarette flyers,
Life keeps on passing them by,
Nothing much to do when the scene died honey,
I know a girl who electrifies,
But now we’re passer-bys,
And Time’s tired of doing the rounds,
Don’t threaten me with a good time,
I want to find my own way to keep warm,
And learn to be naked in the long hot summer.

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