Asphodels – Milk

A swirling soundscape of glorious Shoegaze blended with infectious Alt-Rock means that York’s Asphodels have put out a single that I simply cannot fault. It is an emotive, atmospheric triumph.

The day before I wrote this review, I listened to Asphodels for the very first time. Lying in bed, headphones in, lights out, eyes closed, everything just clicked right into place. Music that makes you feel like you’re on a journey, or that transports you to somewhere else, somewhere exciting and new, is what makes me look forward to writing about new bands.


Milk’ is a bit of a unique beast; symphonic, tense, and with an ability to create apprehension in the listener, but yet all the while remaining as listenable as anything I’ve covered for RGM in the past 6 months. 

The production on this song is crucial to its success, in the quality and the intelligence in which all the parts are weaved. Vocally, I’m a massive fan of ‘Milk’ because of how the vocals have been used to bolster the sound.

Here,  we have a band who know that the voice is a crucial instrument… it is brilliantly layered in the track. Swirling guitars add to this cosmic wall of spiraling noise, the resonance of each cymbal strike countered by undercurrents of bass guitar and kick drum. 

I hope you all know that I am genuinely floored by Asphodels latest offering – I love it when a band makes me excited for what they plan to do next!

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