Review : Bad Sidekick – Crook

Bad Sidekick arrive on the scene with style as their debut single, ‘Crook firmly puts the London rockers on the radar. Bad Sidekicks heavy brand of indie rock is not particularly groundbreaking but its a welcome throwback to the likes of Queens of the Stone Age and Arctic Monkeys. Its a sound that is easy to pull off but hard to master as less skillful bands can often paper over the cracks in their sound with heavily reverberated noise.

However, Bad Sidekick pull off the aesthetic well, executing their sound with precision and flair. This is complimented by a commanding vocal performance that makes its presence felt when it could have easily been lost in the background.

If there is one thing I feel the track is lacking, its a killer hook or chorus to give the track a bit more depth. The track seems to build up to one, but sadly never delivers on the promise, although some strong solo work towards the middle of the track remedies this issue to a degree. Its not a deal breaker by any means but I feel it stops an already good track from being a great one. In all ‘Crook‘ is solid first effort from Bad Sidekick, giving them a solid foundation from which to build. If you are around the London area, they are definitely one to catch live.

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