Review : Bang Bang Club – If The Sun Fell

Bang Bang Club are a ‘recently formed’ three piece band from Sheffield, bringing an exciting and very original sound to the scene with their debut tune ‘If The Sun Fell.’

The band describe themselves as ‘alternative rock,’ a vibe that I certainly got from listening to the tune. It’s this sort of clashy-rock sound mashed together with some indie-pop vibes in the catchy, repetitive nature of the song.

The song is very late 90s, bringing in some sounds from the American skate/grunge scene with the heavy rhythm guitar that fills up the texture.

The tune opens with a very grungy riff, giving an almost psychedelic first impression. We’re then thrown into this powerful beat of the drums, the texture filled with the punchy bass and heavy rhythm guitar.

One thing I really liked about the tune was the way that the guitar and bass work together to create a riff under the surface of the main rhythm guitar part of the song, making the chord progression seem less repetitive and adding a little bit of interesting ‘ear candy.’

The song carries on this grungy/skate-rock vibe, the vocals throwing in some sweet melodies… but then… is that… a brass solo?? As far as my bass-player ears can make out, that’s exactly what it is. My brain wonders ‘why?’ my heart asks ‘why not?.’ I’m undecided personally, but I think it’s a very original and quirky little touch for the band to add!

The cover art for the tune is very much representative of the sound itself, it’s a dramatic, dark yet energetic piece of music. It has evident influence from all over the place, and I like that. It’s great to see that the band aren’t just sticking to the rails. It’s unique, powerful and I definitely recommend giving the band a listen, as well as keeping an eye on what they’re doing in the future. I will be.

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