Review : BIG BAND – Options.

With their name to live up to, BIG BAND are doing almost all the right things…but the monotonous vocals have got to stop.

The band hail from Bensonhurst in South Brooklyn and are a sort of psychedelic punk/indie three-piece. Combining a wide range of synthesised sounds and heavy thrashing guitar chords; the debut album reveals the unique sound of the boys and their flair for writing raw, disorienting lyrics. The album, which is titled ‘Options’ and is the bands debut, was produced by fellow New Yorker and The Drums member Connor Hanwick.

For the next part, I’m going to focus on the ninth song on the album, also titled ‘Options’, as it gives a good view into the general sound of the band.

Although written well, the vocals seem obnoxious at points – the droning lyrics need to stop. I get that they kinda go with the style of music…but they result in a headache. The shoutier, more aggressive lyrics however are great – crisp and refreshing whilst also embracing the gritty sound of the punk rock scene.

The chorus is great bit of work – it’s a catchy tune and it’s fun; whilst managing to stay brash. Unfortunately, the vocals in the verse disappoint me. Just because they give the feel of afiller – like they’re literally there to bridge the gap in between each chorus. The guitar solo/interlude however provides adisorientating eerie vibe which I can see going down greatlive and ensures the song finishes on a high.

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