Review : Birds & Beasts – The Current

By far one of the most unusual songs I’ve ever reviewed, The Current by Birds & Beasts left me wondering what the hell just happened. When you’re briefly told that a song is about a love story, but also how a shark uses electricity to hunt its prey, you know you’re in a for a ride. Nothing could have prepared me for the lively jam of The Current, coming out the other side, mouth agape and confusion sitting fresh in my brain.

Funnily enough I found myself feeling a mix of things when i finished listening to The Current, the first being confusion, another being that I felt like I’d tagged along on someone else’s acid trip.

Whilst I wasn’t particularly a fan of the style Birds & Beasts play, with a lot of 60’s influence in there, Grateful Dead and The Beatles come to mind for certain. I can’t knock their energy and enthusiasm for the music, putting a fast and loud stint in from start to finish. Vocals harmonising throughout the song without a single beat missed. Whilst guitars with an old school rock ’n’ roll vibe carry the song with some original hooks quite well.

Although the song has its merits, I’m also inclined to say that it has some points that could use work. Firstly in the back half of the song the lead vocals just seem to strain the mic and muffle the delivery, coming off as harsh and unpleasant as the lead vocalist tries to push just how loud he can deliver. My second and last gripe with the song is that it just seems to come off as repetitive, with the line “the current flowing through me, I can feel an energy” sounding like it made up the bulk of the song. Being part of the chorus, verses, as well as the opening and closing segments of the song.

Birds & Beasts may appeal to those who have more of an appreciation for songs that harken back to the 60’s and 70’s for sure, every genre has its audience. I can think of at least two mates of mine who’d love this and get down with no hesitation, but I can’t myself.

A solid effort put in by Birds & Beasts with some great musicianship, in particular on the guitars. Along with pleasant enough vocals that have their appeal for the most part, barring the aforementioned point of the song. All in all I see the effort put in and appreciate whats on offer here, but is it wow factor? Not quite.



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