Review : Black Bear Kiss – Hooks

If upbeat, singalong choruses and driving guitar riffs are your thing then Black Bear Kiss are the band for you. And as their newest singles title would suggest, this triumphant offering has enough charm and all round catchiness to really get its Hooksinto you and leave a big smile on your face.

With influences from right across the Rock spectrum teamed together with an all round knack for good songwriting, it was always going to be easy for this West Midlands five-piece to produce something that everyone can get behind, whilst carving out their own sound and maintaining their cool.

The first few seconds had me totally hooked; from the upbeat, foot-stomping rhythm continuing right through the track, to the effortless yet striking vocal performance from frontman Chris Leech. Indeed, every band member really puts everything into their playing for this song, as such, it sounds tight and they seem like a group who are fully on-board with the vision for their music.

Everything on the track belongs and contributes something – the absence of an unnecessary guitar solo was refreshing, the track choosing instead to let the simple repetition of a good old rock and roll riff do the heavy lifting.

Without a doubt though, the chorus is the stand-out element on Hooks. The tracks call and response mantra-like refrains,impossible to resist belting out at the top of your lungs, already have this tune shaping up to be a crowd-pleaser at the bands raucous live shows.

If Black Bear Kiss keep writing songs like this, and stick to their signature sound that has proven to work here, then Im sure they will go far.

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