Review : Huulen – Down South

Huulens debut single is a smooth rock nroller with a raspy fronting that lends to a Northern sound.

The stylish licks and riffs solidify Huulen as a well rounded stylish band with a great niche to fill.
One of the best parts of this track is the accentuation of the northern accents, singing Ill make ma way dahn saath(down south to anyone not in the know, but with an incredibly strong northern accent). Its this subtlety that some listeners may just brush off as the singers accent and or his delivery. But people in the know will recognise the quintessentially northern, and immediately recognisable wording.


If you come from that broad talking old school background then you grow up knowing about dahn saath, its something thats as cooked into folks from the region as Yorkshire pudding and it shows.

So its a bold move making that the basis to revolve your track around, possibly confusing some listeners, especially anyone who isnt familiar with accents of the UK.

But Huulen do something else that keeps people in the fold as well, they use solid music thats filled with a sense of familiarity. Its familiar in the best way in that its unique enough to stand out, but familiar enough to make you go Oh, that sounds good, Ive heard something like that before. So you stop, you listen, and you take in a wonderful working class track thats full of attitude, heart, and northern soul.

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