Review : Walking on Mountains – Forevermore

Walking on Mountains’ latest track ‘Forevermore’ is incredibly grandiose and dramatic, to the point that it occasionally jumps too far over the top. You can’t help but be taken aback at the layers upon layers of noise this band creates, so much so that it becomes a little hard to concentrate.

Forevermore’ is properly cinematic. If you ever find yourself walking into a post-apocalyptic city, this is the song that’s playing. Or you can just walk around and pretend you’re the last human on Earth, and ‘Forevermore’ will still be top of the soundtrack. The point is, the atmosphere created by the guitar feedback, dynamic synth patters and pummelling drums make for a gigantic sound.


In the verses and breakdowns the balance is near-perfect, but it’s when you’re slammed into the choruses that it all gets a little bit much. The sheer quantity of noise is so overwhelming that it becomes really hard to make out any of the instruments. The lead singer just about manages to make himself heard, which is credit to the power in his pipes.

Walking on Mountains clearly know their strengths and show careful and considered craft in their music, if on this occasion they turned the dial up one little notch too far. That being said, if you want a song and a band to make you feel powered up, this might be the one.

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