Review: Broomhead – Who are you?

Hand crafted dynamic brilliance. That’s just a handful of words I’d throw in the direction of this, the latest tune from Broomhead.

It’s got some nice folky vibes about it, and yet it doesn’t sound at all dated. The clean, soft, vocals combined with the soothing flow of the percussion give it a really fresh feel.


Being personally a guy who likes a bit of grit and gore in music, I have to say that there wasn’t a point when listening to this song where I felt at all bored, nor did I feel like there needed to be anything else thrown in.

There’s this dynamic flow to the song, the structure is rather abstract. I like that a lot.


The way that the song constantly changes subtly from section to section means that you’re never left wanting more. It’s a journey.

This track is definitely one to stick on your ‘chill out’ playlist. Take a listen, even if you rarely step outside of the mainstream scene. Punk, Mod, Hip-hopper or proclaimed prince of darkness, you might find yourself presently surprised by stepping out of your comfort zone and chilling out to a bit of Broomhead.