Review : Brother Gun – Traiteur

Brother Gun’s EP grows from something that doesn’t quite connect to a riffing, rocking, grooving EP.

This is a release of two halves, for me. Opening track ‘Loose Wires’ packs an initial punch; a Royal-Blood-esque riff that crashes into your very soul…I want more!


But then it begins to drag, and its impact begins to fall away. Sometimes driving repetition can have a trance-like effect, luring the listener in to a band’s world, escorted by pummelling bass and drums. Here, however, repetition has become overuse, and the effect is lost on me. By the end of track two ‘Running with the Herd’, I need something inventive, something to draw me in and spit me back out before dragging me back.

Thankfully, this EP is saved by its closing two songs. ‘T2011’ crashes in with Brother Gun’s own meatier, heavier take on a noughties Alt-Rock riff, laced together with the EP’s strongest vocal performance, and bass heavy verses that ebb and flow naturally back to that crunching riff.


EP closer ‘Traveller’ is aptly named; there’s a definite direction to this song, an intentional destination that Brother Gun want to take you to by its end. “Where is that destination?” you might ask. Well, let me tell you … it’s to a place of anticipation. In just 4 songs, Brother Gun go from somewhere I saw little potential, to an EP close that makes me genuinely excited about their next release.

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