Review : Brunelle ‘You Are Beautiful’

Brunelle, the 4-piece Manchester based band return with a brand new single from their new Ep, ‘Still Not A Man’. Self described as Post-Folk, and 5 years into their career now return with this upbeat and relaxing ditty. Full of happiness and a bouncing beat, the song only clocks in at 2:39, but what frontman Max Wheatly does with that time is excellent. His voice is certainly unique and like nothing I’ve heard before. A powerful voice with a distinct tone that is hard to describe without listening for yourself.

Backed up by his 3 cohorts who pack the song out with a quick rhythm of guitars and drums. Though they generally follow the lead and leave Max to carry the song, respect must be given to these gentlemen. They’ve got the know-how and make sure you it, flourishes rise and fall all across the song but don’t overstep the mark.

In short, ‘You Are Beautiful’ is a delightful number that describes the innocence of childhood love and is optimistic as you can get without straying into bubblegum-pop music. Keep an eye out for these chaps next time you visit Manchester.


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