Review : Capital Eye – Lipstick Kiss

With their latest single, Lipstick Kiss, Bridlington indie band Capital Eye have unfortunately managed to produce a serviceable yet entirely forgettable song failing to resonate with any emotional punch or desire to listen again.

Its not a technically terrible song – the performances are good and the production works – its just a little bit boring. It really left me disappointed that the group decided to choose such an unremarkable song to push as their newest release.

Then I heard the B-side, Capital Eyes saving grace, Day Dreamer.

This song is far more energetic and daring with its explosive walls of sound right from the start. Its rare that the B-side is better than the single itself, but thats precisely the case here. Both tracks come in at less than three minutes each, but Day Dreamer does so much more with its time to showcase the bands capacity for genuine creativity and risk-taking, as opposed to the rock-music-by-numbers A-side.

Even the title, Lipstick Kiss, should prepare you for the same love-sick indie that were all too familiar with. The Courteeners and Arctic Monkeys have a lot to answer for. Veering towards heavy rock, and even elements of noise and shoegaze music however, is how Day Dreamer really shines through. It is brazen and full of character – a direction that Capital Eye would be wise to follow, lest they be added to the ever growing pile of indie bands who just cant cut it.

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