Review : Caroline Francess + the Lights – Grow Up

Grow Up” is the new EP from Caroline Francess & the Lights; An exciting new act fronted by Sheffield songstress, Caroline Francess, this EP showcases their great potential.

Upon first listen, the first track “Counting” is a jovial take on a popular children’s rhyme, revamped in an interesting way but still manages to stir up feelings of nostalgia. The staccato, off beat rhythm accompanied by sentimental lyrics conjures up a likeness to Regina Spektor’s “Samson”, making it a firm favourite for anyone who has a soft spot for a girl with a piano.


“Queen Z” Follow’s suit, but with the addition of an intricate guitar hook, it brings that little bit extra to the table. Caroline Francess strikes a fine balance in the amount of the ??? vocal nuances and rhythmic changes, creating a few very promising tracks. Notably, “Opening Their Eyes” is short but sweet and lyrically, the tightest track on the EP. She seems most at home on this track, finding her voice in powerful fashion.

Where the single falls short however, is on its more melancholic tracks. “I Want to Know” is honest and poignant, but leaves you wanting when the song never really reaches the climax you were expecting it to build to.


“I’ve Been Told” is autobiographical and soul baring in nature, and has all the hallmarks meaning and greatness. It does feel a bit out of place here among its more playful company, perhaps it is simply too gown up.

Overall, this EP is hard evidence that this is an act on the up, and hopefully we will continue to hear plenty from them over the coming years. When Caroline Francess & the Lights perfect their sound they could well be a success story.

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