Review : Control of the Going ‘Wild Flower’

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Psychedelic bliss. Control of the Going have blossomed into a seductively moody band. With their new EP ‘Wild Flower’ the group have nurtured a song which is very well balanced. The psychedelic rock piece contains elements of blues with the juxtaposition of outlandish chords and quirky lyrics. The tones produced through the swirling riffs and chords creates an atmosphere which is somehow both thrilling and chilled.

‘Wild Flower’ begins slowly, the chiming intro lasts a minute and a half. The intensity increases through the disjointed guitar riffs and melodic drum beat, the build adding fluidity to the piece which eventually plummets and fades to allow the vocals to kick in. A rich, deep sonic landscape is created.

With a colloquial tone of Manchester permeates the vocal with similarities stylistically to Happy Mondays. The pronunciation of each word creates emphasis and impact with the song focusing on the beauty of something so wild and free is reflected in the structure of the song.

It’s a refreshing change for a band to feel so spontaneous. As the band develop I feel these melodies will become bolder and more layered. Overall as part of an EP the track introduces the listener to the intricate world of the psychedelic. Its an intense piece which has given a clear indication of the bands potential!

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