Review : Dark Sky Park ‘Henrietta’

‘’Sorry, you hurt so’’ Pain and empathy are the main thoughts fuelling the entirety of Dark Sky Parks’ new release Henrietta. The northern quartet is doing something a little different with their ALT-rock sound, aiming to alter the common perception on a break up track. With similarities to Black Sabbath, Ziggy Stardust and Stevie Nicks the band have created a sound which culminates in a dark and dirty baseline hook.

The song falls somewhere between metal and melancholy, giving a solid overall sound, but enough wiggle room for each track to be distinctive. Punchy attitude hits you hard. The pop of crunchy bass chords brings defiance needed to get over a lover whilst the grungy echoes pacify this harsh piece providing comfort not only to the rhythm but to Henrietta. Yet, a distorted guitar solo just adds to the creepy and self-remorseful sound. Light and shade are executed well through the band’s conviction to create an empowering track that contemplates the emotions behind the end of a relationship.

As the track progresses the song seems to follow the step by step thought process, we tend to go through when a break up occurs. First depression, then shock and finally acceptance:
‘’Hey Henrietta,
Wipe that look out of your eye
Hey Henrietta,
You’re crying with surprise “
The song itself is incredibly empathetic towards the dumped Henrietta. The support shown by the friends allows a healing process to take place. Fragility is exposed beautifully by Debbie Billson’s gritty voice. The timbre and husk in her voice adds power to the message giving it an edge.

The repeated final chorus ultimately highlights how the end shouldn’t have such an effect on you. ‘’ He isn’t like you and there’s nothing you can do’’ This is the common reasoning you normally receive for comfort. The justification given is used to simplify the explanation for love loss. It’s a throw away comment which is meant to stop you from pursuing anything stupid, a final halt to any disastrous plans.
Dark Sky Park sound is straight up hard rock. It ventures more on the heavy side with touches of blues. They work hard at combining melody and harmony, mostly in vocal arrangements and guitar riffs. The power Henrietta is solid and sultry. Contrary to much modern rock, you will find some hefty guitar solos with a guitar line leads backing a short yet provoking message.

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